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location of reference electrode  

By Andrea, 2 weeks ago

Forum Cases
  Does it matter where on the contralateral side the reference electrode is placed? For example when using the Stimpod on the right upper extremity I have been putting the reference electrode on the lef…
Any concern over metal implants?  

By Andrea, 3 weeks ago

Forum Cases
  I see in the study: “Can an electrical pulsed radio frequency device relieve pain and improve function in patients with pedal diabetic neuropathy? A single blind randomized placebo-controlled trial.” …
Could other modalities interfere?  

By Andrea, 4 weeks ago

Forum Cases
  Are there other modalities that should be avoided in the same treatment session or block of treatments when using Stimpod? Would other modalities interfere with the effectiveness of Stimpod?
RE: Tennis elbow  

By Dr Wyllie, 4 weeks ago

  I understand that the first application is directly over the lateral epicondyle at the point of pain. Do you also recommend treatment of the radial nerve at the post axilla or further distally proxi…




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