Meet The Team

At Algiamed, we are driven by our mission to revolutionize healthcare through cutting-edge technology, and our team plays a vital role in achieving this vision. Through rigorous research and development, we continuously explore novel technologies and methodologies to improve healthcare outcomes.

We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals and revolutionizing healthcare as we know it. Collaboration lies at the heart of our approach and we are honored to contribute our skills and expertise to this mission, bringing us closer to a future where technology and healthcare seamlessly converge for the betterment of humanity.

Leadership Team

Research & Engineering

Corlius Birkill

Head of Research
MBA, B.Eng(Hons)(Biomed)

Petra van Blerk

Research Engineer
M.Eng (Biomedical Engineering)

Paul Potgieter

Lead Researcher
Senior Bio-Mathematician
PhD (Mathematics)

Jacques Swart

Vice President of Engineering
M.Eng (Elec)

Lukas Linde

Senior Research Scientist
PhD (Neuroscience)

Sales, Marketing & Creative Design

Fiona Yu

Director, Sales & Marketing (Canada)

Lourie Höll

Director, Sales & Marketing (Europe & Africa)
B.Information Science (Publishing)

Tyrone Patrick

Creative Director, Lead Designer
BA Visual Communication Design (Hons)

Renaldo Goosen

Senior Designer
3D Artist

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Jacques Swart

Vice President of Engineering
M.Eng (Elec)

Petra van Blerk

Research Engineer
M.Eng (Biomedical Engineering)

Finance & Logistics

Johan Breytenbach

Sr. Financial Controller
BCom (Acc)

Bryan Joo

Logistics Administrator

Clinical Support

Lance Corlis

Medical Science Liaison

Dr. Kieran Collins

Clinical Specialist
USA East
BA Psy, D.C.

Michelle Strydom

Clinical Specialist
South Africa

Customer Support

Fiona Yu

Customer Success Team

Abigail Ververis

Customer Success Team

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