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Materials and Manufacturing for Sustainability

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Building on Ohio State’s interdisciplinary strengths in materials research, world-class facilities, strong industrial partnerships, nationally recognized centers of excellence and recent strategic investments, this program will enable discoveries that transform our world and position Ohio State as preeminent in advanced materials and manufacturing for sustainability.

Together with partners from industry, a broad-based team of Ohio State researchers, business strategists and policy analysts are poised to make an international impact through an academically driven discovery-to-deployment paradigm that will result in advances in materials, manufacturing and energy technologies designed to propel societal progress such that a net positive impact on the environment will be achieved. As new faculty join existing researchers at Ohio State, unprecedented knowledge will be created, discoveries made and sustainable manufacturing pathways developed in areas including energy harvesting, energy storage and systems, high-performance structural materials for future transportation and building technologies, and new materials that enable information processing and technologies at a fraction of the energy cost today.

This critical work coalesces within a Materials Innovation lab that serves as an innovation collaboratory connecting science, technology and industry with a scope that is regional, national and global through the development of expansive partnerships.